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Why Direct Mail Is So Profitable for Attorneys

At first glance, direct mail may seem like an "old" way of reaching prospective clients. But even in 2021, direct mail often outperforms many newer techniques like PPC, social media and email campaigns. This is particularly true for attorneys. One reason for this is that people increasingly ignore online noise and spam as they recognize more of it. But the majority of people still check their USPS mailbox every single day. In fact, studies show that millennials, in particular, assign more importance, value and trust to physical mail pieces as compared to most other forms of outreach.

Modern Choices in Legal Marketing

Marketing strategies for attorneys have changed dramatically over the last 20 years. Digital marketing channels like social media and web ads have supplanted the traditional ways of reaching a target audience. Attorneys in the past might have found their marketing dollars spent on large billboards, broad print ad campaigns or even television ads, but now they are forced to decide between dozens of marketing tactics of varying usefulness.

Over the last decade, Key Dynamics has pushed the envelope of legal marketing through direct mail. During that time, we have improved every facet of our successful direct mail campaigns -- data and targeting quality, print materials, timeliness, support and more. It is our mission to provide the highest possible response rate and ROI to our attorney clients.

When a law firm decides to reach their audience with direct mail, it’s not all going to receive the same response. A mass mailing to people within a city or county you cover is not a narrow enough outreach. Your advertising dollars need to be spent precisely on the individuals who can use your services immediately. That’s why our targeted mailings are only sent to the individuals in your area who need representation from a firm with your expertise.

Industry-Leading Data Accuracy and Deliverability

Our team is constantly retrieving and reviewing data that is processed through courts all across the nation each day. We validate and complete the data supplied by the courts, and we produce the materials that will speak directly to your potential clients and their case. We employ experienced data specialists and data services to ensure the accuracy of the data and addresses that we use for mailing. In fact, we are able to offer an uncommon guarantee: return mail rates will be under 10% or we will refund you for the mailings. This strong focus on the data enables us to keep our clients ahead of their competitors. Since we only work with one firm in each area, it is important that we contribute to your success.

"I have been working with Key Dynamics for a few years now, and as someone who tracks my ROI for advertising obsessively, I know that the money I spend with them is directly contributing to my bottom line. My account manager, Jessica Lovejoy, has been absolutely wonderful to work with and very responsive to all of my requests as I tweak my account mailings for optimum performance. I highly recommend this company."

Impact of First Impressions

Key Dynamics also focuses on the quality and creativity of our mailers. Our direct mail campaigns are always being updated and utilizing new language, graphics, and fonts to keep them looking modern and sophisticated. We prepare our mailers with care, using high-resolution printing, heavyweight paper, premium envelopes and a real stamp. Even when a household receives multiple letters from law firms, our clients tell us that people often choose to call them simply because they were impressed by the quality of their letter compared to the rest. First impressions matter, and we make sure your firm stands out. Check out more details on our Creative Process.

Support for our Clients

Our operations do not stop at mailing a letter on behalf of our clients. We have learned that many firms need additional support for their continued outreach. This is why we have a 24/7 call center service that connects to each letter. We drive these calls directly to you, but if you're unavailable, we gather all the details for your follow-up. This helps your firm provide a feeling of support to prospective clients and gives you control of client intake. You can read more about our call center support in our blog, Calls From Prospective Clients.

Over the course of our direct mail campaigns for attorneys, we have altered our messaging, brought more support, and continued to advance our data operations. Although direct mail has a long history, bringing a fresh perspective to it can make all the difference. Our results speak for themselves. If you would like to know more, contact us today for a marketing consultation.

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