Who Is Key Dynamics?

Our name reflects the service we provide our customers. We think of ourselves as being the key to unique data connections that make it possible to reach a target prospect at the key time they need a product or service. Our team and our customers are positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas, which is what people mean when calling someone “dynamic”. We live in a world of constant change, and we embrace this change in all our processes and approaches. We are Key Dynamics.

Meet the Team

Shayne Daugherty

Shayne leads business strategies that keep our clients' best interests at the forefront. His entrepreneurial background and computer science expertise drives him to constantly be innovating and developing modern, creative solutions that keep Key Dynamics clients' ROI and goals on-track.

Justin Stephen
Data & Project Manager

Justin coordinates the work of account specialists, programmers, data entry personnel, and record custodians to design and implement our direct mail initiatives. He has considerable experience with both public records and data analysis, and this provides him with valuable insight for our clients’ campaigns.

Jessica Lovejoy
Client Relations Manager

Jessica works to build positive professional relationships between Key Dynamics and the businesses we serve. She actively finds solutions in response to dynamic business needs and ensures all services and products provided by Key Dynamics are properly tracked and measured.

Ryan Radcliff
Production Manager

Ryan is responsible for managing the mail operations center and keeping the direct mail flowing efficiently. He enjoys diagnosing problems and finding creative workable solutions. He considers reliability to be one of the most important aspects of his job, since he has a strict, daily deadline.

Rachel Sharkman
Marketing Director

Rachel creates and implements a foundation for the ideas, stories, and messages that resonate with those who engage with Key Dynamics, today and tomorrow. She works closely with the team to develop and analyze the marketing strategy for new and existing products, to better serve our clients.

Join Our Crew

Interested in working for Key Dynamics? We're accepting applications. Take a few minutes to submit your information for future openings that match your interests.