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Real Estate Marketing

Whether you’re a real estate agent, investor or in-house marketing professional in this field, when it comes to gaining commissionable sales and closing on those opportunities, an exceptional direct mail campaign can provide an effective channel to identify people most likely to buy or sell a home or property.

Any agent can buy a list of properties and flood a wave of mailers based on that general data. But having a true data-driven solution running as the engine behind your targeted direct mail advertisements can propel your campaign above the rest. 


A quality direct mail campaign can allow real estate agents to focus on what they do best—acting as a liaison between homebuyers and property sellers and closing sales—while their direct mail partner handles the rest.

Develop Your Brand Awareness

Real Estate agents are relied upon for expertise, communication, and resourcefulness. Now, in a world focused on digital touches, these qualities are challenged. Although we believe omnichannel marketing efforts are essential, real estate agents should convey their message through the most trustworthy outlets. To do that, Key Dynamics' campaigns focus on using one of the most trusted sources, personally addressed mail.

Marketing dollars are valuable, and we have developed sole-proprietary technology and processes to reach the correct people at the right moment. We are dedicated to increasing your awareness and clientele. So, to provide the best results, we work exclusively with one real estate company per region and do not partner with your competition.

For over a decade, Key Dynamics has analyzed and discovered that not all marketing can be treated equally. Each campaign brings separate challenges, and we devote a client relationship manager to test, interpret then implement the best method.

Our process is simple and effective.
Here's how it works:

It's All In

The Data

This is our bread and butter. You share your ideal target market, or we work to generate a record of people who you seek to communicate with. From there, our data team finds the solution to make your community outreach as targeted as possible.

Creative Process

We have extensive experience creating templates that compel your potential clients to open and react to your message. If you have successful marketing material, feel free to pass that along to us! We can easily adapt it to your campaign.

In The Right Hands

The campaign begins and we provide analytics on the success of the initial outreach. The desired target market will have action items to fulfill and will be prompted to connect with your company.



Together we review the outcome and continue to provide feedback on additional possibilities. We hone in on what works best for your target market and refine the work to yield the best results.

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