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Our team has defined and refined processes for small businesses nationwide. Targeted direct mail is tangible, personal and single-handedly offers one of the best response rates when compared to other marketing methods. Our automated, data-driven marketing solutions enable our clients to do what they do best—focus on their business.

Since the start, Key Dynamics has always understood the value direct mail has been able to provide small and local businesses. Since mastering effective marketing solutions for law firms and attorneys, we’ve branched out to help other industries.

Our technique provides a straightforward, steady stream of leads compared to other marketing channels. All of the complexity of a well-performing direct mail campaign is centralized in our daily business operations in-house. If you don't see your industry listed here, reach out and we can see how our method might work for you.

Personal Desk

My law firm has used Key Dynamics for years. They have been instrumental in helping me grow my criminal defense/DUI and traffic practice areas. I highly recommend them to any attorney who is looking to expand their client base.

 Benjamin Luftman

    Luftman, Heck & Associates LLP

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Take it from their experience:

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2021 Response Rate Case Study

With 2020 being a tough year for many industries, we checked in and reflected on how our campaigns have been performing for our clients. We selected a group of our clients from all across the country, covering different legal matters, and analyzed the numbers. 


We track the number of callers in comparison to the number of letters sent to gain the response rate of our client’s campaigns. Because we understand not everyone can get to the phone on time, our services include a 24/7 call center that enables their partners to be available to all potential clients.


After interpreting the results, we are proud to report an average 9.99% response rate since January 2021, with some rates reaching upwards of 35% response in a month. Rather than impressions and click-through rates common to digital channels, these results were all actual phone calls to the attorneys’ offices from interested parties, giving the attorneys the best opportunity to actively sell their services and sign new clients.


Our team went a little further with the numbers to find out the cost per call for these clients. Over the first four months of 2021, on average these clients paid only $23.39 per call from people in need of legal services, with some clients paying as low as $5.57 per call. These responses are providing direct calls to their clients and eliminating the work of a salesperson scrolling through databases trying to find ideal prospects. 

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Client Receiving 90% of Sales from Direct Mail Campaigns

The best thing about direct mail is that its results are measurable when combined with an integrated marketing plan. From the print quality of our mailers to the modern data solutions of our address and data verification processes, we work hard to provide exceptional results for our clients. 


For one Ohio criminal defense lawyer, he discovered that 90% of his clients had come from the personalized letters that Key Dynamics had sent on his behalf over the past decade.


This is why we work exclusively with one client in each region, to avoid competing with ourselves and diluting the marketing results. We want to provide you with the highest response rate possible.

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Completing A/B Testing with our Competitors Campaigns

For the past few years, Key Dynamics has helped a Florida client with their legal marketing and direct mail strategy to deliver reliable response rates by targeting both court cases and arrest records, cross-examining both records, and targeting the intended recipient with speed and accuracy that cannot be compared to other direct mail agencies. 

Our client recently put us to the test by creating a campaign with a competitor for a head-to-head competition. The result? Our campaign had a dramatically higher response rate, which the client credited to our high-quality print materials and data quality.

Our Partners

A few of the companies we have joined forces with to better serve our client base and engage their customers in new and better ways.

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