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Targeted Direct Mail Marketing

Reach the right demographic and people, grab your target audience, and connect with them on a more personal, tangible level. Capturing the right attention at the precise time and achieving reputable brand awareness is the lifeblood of any business. Key Dynamics offers precisely executed targeted campaigns to help achieve these results.


Direct mail is flexible, easily measurable, individualized, and cost-effective.  A campaign can be set up quickly, and your company will begin receiving phone calls shorty after your first pieces are mailed.

Our process is simple and effective.

Here's how it works:


priority selection

We work with you to determine the areas and types of outreach that you want to target. Our campaigns are exclusive, so once you sign up and make these selections, we work only for you, not your competitors.

Our data team will then gather, validate and complete the records to provide industry-leading accuracy and deliverability.


Direct mail is 9X more effective than all digital channels.


creative process

Key Dynamics has been crafting successful marketing campaigns for over a decade. We know the style and content techniques that will get the attention of your prospective clients.

We produce exceptional mailers with crisp detail and rich colors on heavy-weight paper and premium envelopes. We even place a real stamp on each letter. All of the little details matter, and we take care of them for you.

your phone starts ringing

The mail campaign begins, and your phone starts ringing almost immediately! Other types of marketing, like PPC, requires large expenditures and long waits before producing results, but our campaigns work more like a faucet – instant on.

And if you cannot answer the calls, that's okay, too, because all of our campaigns include a 24/7 call center. We have you covered.

Our clients have an average conversion rate nationwide of over 5% —  compared to the 2% average of industry competitors!

What we offer

Image by Diana Akhmetianova



  • Rich Colors on Heavy-Weight Paper - Our paper is 40% heavier than average correspondence, which makes it feel noticeably more substantial and upscale in prospective clients’ hands. 

  • Premium Envelopes - We take the time to use a non-windowed #10 envelope with the prospective client’s name and address printed on it.

  • Real Stamp for Each Letter - Let’s be honest: prepaid, metered postage screams "mass-produced," which immediately decreases the recipient’s interest in it. Instead, we place a real stamp on each mail piece to signify yet again that it is professional correspondence that was prepared with care.


  • Increase Outreach - Sending an additional touchpoint to your prospective clients demonstrates your commitment to them, and increases your brand awareness. 

  • Affordability - When sending a second outreach to your prospective clients, all of the data work has already been completed. so postcards can be a great follow-up for your campaign to have another touchpoint at a low cost.

  • Quick yet Efficient - In a fast-paced world, having a visual graphic that is short but can deliver the message at a glance, is a great addition to your campaign. There is no action needed by the prospective client. They see your company name and quickly remember the letter. 




  • Additional Touchpoint - We create and print different size inserts to highlight several key points about your firm, from discounts to award-winning mentions, this piece brings added interest to your firm.

  • Memorable - We are willing to try new strategies here! Our team knows that creating that first impression is important, and making it impressive is what we specialize in. 

  • Rich Colors on Heavy-Weight Paper - Our paper is 40% heavier than average correspondence, which makes it feel noticeably more substantial and upscale in prospective clients’ hands. 

Want us to send you samples?

Keep an eye on your mailbox!

How we Personalize your Campaign


We use your prospects' name plus any additional information we can obtain and why they are a good fit for your company. Sending direct mail to a home without personalizing will drastically reduce the open rate and chances of getting the sale. So, we use our address verification system to confirm the recipient's address. Also, if you are mailing a piece to the incorrect house, you're wasting marketing dollars. 

landing pages

Personalized landing pages (PURL) are the next way we optimize our client's campaigns. This includes additional details related to the prospect. Your PURLs can incorporate the recipient name, business, or other data to make them more enticing. It provides an additional way to connect and provides another touchpoint. This enhances the level of understanding demonstrated to potential clients. 


Almost every smartphone has a QR code reader. So, we include putting a QR code in our client’s direct mail campaigns to help drive mobile-oriented consumers to your website or app to respond to your offer. These codes are easy to personalize and even easier to track.

mercury-desktop v2.png
mercury-mobile v2.png

Benefits of Personalization

Additional Touchpoint

The QR code and landing page allow the client to connect with your company in fewer steps. Creating a more convenient interaction gives the prospect a modern view of your company -- one that understands the needs of all its potential clients. 

Connecting More Dots

Personalization helps your company demonstrate an understanding of your prospective client's needs and why you're able to help or serve them effectively. Adding these details increases the trust in your customer relationship.

Data Analysis

Including a QR code and personalized landing page will provide additional data points for your company to explore. This data will help you monitor the results and connect with higher-quality leads.

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