Bankruptcy Notice Mailing

Key Dynamics operates as a third-party bankruptcy notice provider for law firms, handling all of the work of compiling addresses, printing and mailing notices via our easy and affordable service. We assist debtor attorneys, creditor attorneys, panel trustees, and chapter 13 trustees with the required notice and service requirements under Fed. Rule Bankr. Proc. 7004.

Our team performs multiple inspections to confirm your documents match the intended debtor and case number. Reaching the correct person is crucial to your filing, and mistakes can have considerable ramifications.

We send all notices via First-Class or certified mail to comply with the bankruptcy code. At all times, we remain up-to-date about new laws and requirements for our clients.

Our process is simple and effective.

Here's how it works:




UPLOAD your documents

Upload your plans, amendments, motion to incur credit, NFR's, objections to claims, and any other legal pleading that you need to send. You can do this 24/7 via your client dashboard. 

We print

and mail

We gather the most up-to-date Mailing Matrix and then print, assemble, and mail the required documents. We generally send your notices the same day of them being uploaded to our portal.

download certificate of service

We prepare the certificate and email it to you after your notices have been mailed, so you simply file it with the court.

Price Structure

$0.15 per pg

For standard mailings, we charge just $0.15 per page, plus postage, without minimum order totals or extra fees. If you're running late, we also offer a rush service for $0.25/pg.

We keep our cost structure simple. No hidden fees or contracts but a convenient model to use as you need it!


All documents are sent via first-class mail, or certified mail when requested. Inquire with us about qualifying for postage discounts via our presorted automation mail program.

We use an all-in-one cost per page to cover expenses of printing, data retrieval, and labor. 

weekly INVOICE

With our price structure, you have total control over what you're spending. Our system provides a job summary and cost breakdown for each mailing. We also provide weekly invoices to keep your firm updated. 

Maintain control of your expenses with weekly reports on your spending or charges for a particular case. 

Why Key Dynamics

same day mailings

Key Dynamics has developed an incredibly efficient mailing process that allows us to get filings received by 12:00pm EST in the mail the same day, ensuring that the interested parties receive your filings promptly. And if you are running late, we even accept rush service jobs for an additional fee until 4pm. Timely mailings are important when sending bankruptcy notices, and we have you covered.

saving time and money

Working with a third-party enables your company to save employee time that could be spent on other billable tasks. There is no need to invest in printing or mailing equipment. More of your time can be spent helping your clients. Our production facility and staff are available to serve your fulfillment needs. We operate efficiently and quickly while keeping your costs low. 

address verification

Key Dynamics has a dedicated staff of data administrators and specialists that oversee our data and address verification processes. If we cannot confirm a deliverable address, mail delivery will be attempted, but that address will be brought to your attention in the job summary. If return mail is later received, we can strike that mailing from future jobs and/or accept a corrected address for the recipient.



When you sign up with Key Dynamics, you receive direct access to a dedicated account manager who will help establish workflows that align with your unique business needs. We don’t ask for long term commitments – our service agreements are flexible and scalable.