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Our Process - Step 1 - Priority Selection

In the first part of this series, we will talk about what we mean by “Priority Selection” and how we help law firms looking to grow their business with a successful direct mail marketing campaign.

When creating a legal direct mail campaign, we work with attorneys one-on-one to determine the best areas and cases for them to target. Those case types are then exclusively reserved for that attorney in their geographic range to achieve the best client acquisition rate available. Once a campaign is running for that attorney, no other competing law firms in that area can receive the same case selection for their direct mail campaign.

Industry-Leading Accuracy and Deliverability

Law firms across the nation have relied on our data-driven direct mail campaigns for over a decade — and for good reason. Our direct mail campaigns generate new business in very effective and profitable ways.

Our expert data solutions team will gather, validate, and complete the data provided by recent public records. At Key Dynamics, our team works around the clock to ensure the quality of our direct mail campaigns so that they are fast, deliverable, and accurate. Sourcing data and ensuring its accuracy for your mailers is what gets results. This is why our clients have an average conversion rate nationwide of over 5% — that’s a 150% increase compared to the 2% average of industry competitors!**

Targeted Advertising Data and Processing Methods for Legal Marketing

From criminal defense attorneys to bankruptcy lawyers, law firms and solo-practitioners benefit from the refinement of our data and processing methodologies. These include:

  • Address Searching - Many courts do not provide the mailing address for parties involved in a case. But we use the most recent data from the industry’s best sources to locate addresses for use in your campaign. This, alone, is a tremendous expense and effort if firms attempt to do it themselves.

  • Guaranteed Deliverability - Once you have found an address, how do you know you have the right one? We have refined our address verification processes for over a decade to get this part right. We take steps like checking for possible name conflicts within the same area and verifying every recipient against the National Change of Address (NCOA) registry. Finally, we track the deliverability of every piece we send at no additional cost. Due to all of these steps, we can guarantee that your campaign will have a low return mail rate of under 10%.

  • Large Scale Data - Our team of data and development experts have created connections to courthouses and other public records sources all across the United States. We operate at a pace and scale that few legal records providers have even attempted, let alone matched.

  • Expert System - Our intelligent processing system identifies the charges, parties, and other information in every legal record it sees, no matter the source or format. It recognizes the difference between “Assault and Battery” and “Improper Battery Installation.” After reviewing nearly 100 million legal records, there is almost nothing it has not seen.

  • Same-Day Processing - Our systems process records predominantly through live feeds, so your letter will often be in the mail the same day the case is filed with the court. This makes a difference if you have competitors attempting their own direct mail campaigns in your area.

  • Exclusive Access - Our campaigns are exclusive by region and case preference. Once you choose the counties, courthouses, and types of cases you would like to target, we will only market your services for those cases. With all of the time and effort we put into building each high-quality campaign, we believe that you are best served if we deliver all of the results only to you, without sharing them with your competitors.

Why Direct Mail Campaigns Are Popular For Law Firms

When a letter is sent to a defendant by a law firm based on real-time data scraped from a court case or lawsuit filing, this prompts an immediate response from that letter recipient.

For law firms, Investing in marketing should be a profit driver. Data-driven marketing will increase brand awareness and bring more clients to your business.

This is why direct mail campaigns are popular for attorneys. Targeted direct mail provides one of the highest returns on investments compared to other advertising methods like digital advertising methods. In today’s digital world, there is a reason why direct mail has remained a timeless and effective means of advertising — it works.

At Key Dynamics, our advanced knowledge and decades-long industry experience have made us nationwide industry leaders in the direct mail industry.

Exclusive Marketing Campaigns by County Jurisdiction

We take great pride in delivering the best possible ROI for the attorneys we serve. That is why for over a decade we have maintained a policy of exclusive campaigns for our clients. By working personally with business owners and key decision-makers, we partner with you to determine the areas and the types of leads to target. Once you sign up and make these selections, you are our priority. We work only for you – not your competitors.

Direct Mail Marketing Has Surprising Strength — and a High ROI

Unlike website and SEO campaigns that require a costly investment upfront, a targeted direct mail campaign can give your independently run business the biggest bang for your buck.

According to a recent Association of Nation Advertisers Response Rate Report, direct mail is 9X more effective than all digital channels. That includes digital channels like email, social media, paid search, and online display advertisements and accounts for all industries.

According to the ANA, response rates for media channels are broken down as follows:

  • Direct Mail Advertising - 9% for households, 4.9% for individual prospects

  • Paid Search - 1% for households, 0.1% for individual prospects

  • Email - 1% for households, 0.1% for individual prospects

  • Social Media - 1% for households, 0.1% for individual prospects

  • Online Display - .03% for households, 0.1% for individual prospects

Law firms and attorneys have worked with Key Dynamics for over a decade. Some have had an average of over 90% of their clients come directly from our direct mail advertising. A targeted direct mail advertising campaign backed by our Priority Selection methodology has become a strong long-term business strategy for our clients.


Attorneys will profit at low investment costs.

Learn More about Key Dynamics’ Data-Driven Legal Direct Mail Campaigns

Our proven campaigns provide superior response rates and ROI for attorneys. Interested to learn how Key Dynamics can cost-efficiently grow your business?

We primarily work with law firms across all industries to deliver reliable, consistent results. Our services are flexible and proactive. Our pragmatic approach and marketing expertise have proven popular with our clients. No matter how small or large your business needs are, know that the team at Key Dynamics provides the same attention to detail in every campaign.

Through our data-driven approaches, we aim to deliver a higher than average response rate. Our results speak for themselves.

Priority Selection is the first step in our 3-Step Process.

When combined with effective digital marketing tactics that promote your law firm’s brand and services, a high-quality direct mail campaign is even more likely to reach your best prospects.

**According to Melissa Data, the average direct mail campaign receives a conversion rate of generally 2%. This figure has also been supported by JWM Business Services.

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