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2023 Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

The New Year is a great time to get started on implementing new marketing strategies for your law firm. Whether you need to grow your practice or just keep existing clients feeling like they are in good hands, there are many ways to improve your marketing efforts in 2023.

Marketing for law firms can be tricky because of the confidential nature of legal services. However, there are ways to market effectively, and one of those ways is through direct mail for lawyers in combination with other multi-marketing strategies.

Multi-Marketing Strategies to Start Using Now

Multi-marketing is a strategy that businesses have been using for years, but in 2023, it's going to be more important than ever for law firms. Here are ways that you can use multi-marketing in your practice. When implemented strategically, multi-marketing can target different demographics of people in one, targeted punch simply by using a combination of methods and channels of communication.

Create Video Marketing and Post Regularly

Video marketing for lawyers is really trending as we head into 2023. With the rising trends in working remote and providing video consultations, having video content available can be a good way for prospective clients to learn more about your law firm and what sets it apart from others. YouTube alone had 210 million viewers in 2022 and will continue to gain momentum this year.

Here is one example of how video marketing can be used successfully alongside a direct mail campaign. On your letters, Key Dynamics can print a QR code, which letter recipients could easily scan, loading a video onto their phone, explaining about who the attorney is in the letter. This could be an opportunity to showcase your expertise and thought leadership, two things that will definitely impress potential clients and attract new ones. When you contact potential clients through direct mail for lawyers or another marketing channel, you are much more likely to get a response from them if they recognize you from your video marketing.

Videos can also be shared across social media networks and are an excellent way to keep clients up to date on new developments in your area of law, share case studies or success stories and provide helpful information related to legal issues they may be facing.

CRM Systems with Call Tracking

Lead generation CRM software (customer relationship management) is an excellent platform to have for your practice, especially once you begin intaking a lot of calls. Without a proper platform or tool to track calls and help with leads, it can be easy to lose track of clients — especially when too many begin trying to contact you.

By identifying and extracting the most relevant information from a lead, you can identify "good leads" from "poor leads." When it comes to lead parsing using this type of software, here’s an example.

When a call comes in, it is routed to a unique phone number through your CRM software and then sent to your account so that it can be tracked in real time. When someone leaves a message, it can be automatically transcribed into text and stored in your account. As soon as this process is complete, you'll be able to see all your messages at once, even if they were left over the course of several days or weeks. This can serve as a great repository to help keep track of your business.

Then, parsing means separating these messages into individual files based on their content or subject matter so you will be able to view just the ones that are relevant to your practice area or even specific cases that are already open in your office. For a firm that receives dozens of calls a week, it CRM with call tracking is a real time-saver.

(If you start mailing a large volume of letter, I highly recommend having a system like this in place to help keep track of callers once they start calling. It isn't uncommon to see attorneys get overwhelmed by the amount of callers they start receiving once their direct mail campaign is kicks into full gear).

Need Additional Help with Call Parsing?

The problem with parsing calls is that it's time-consuming and expensive. It's also difficult to scale because you're limited by how many people you have on staff who can handle this work.

Key Dynamics is well known for producing effective direct mail for lawyers but did you know that we can also help you manage your calls and leads? We have a 24/7 call center that can take calls, generate emails with details regarding that call including caller ID information, case information and name, and forward that on to your law firm. From there, you can use a tool like Zapier to manage those leads.

Using the Power of Data-Driven Analytics

Data-driven analytics allow you to optimize your law firm's direct mail and other campaigns for greater success.

By using data from previous campaigns, you can identify which variables lead to higher response rates, for example personalized messages or other types of targeted communication. You can then use this information to remarket to people from a previous targeted campaign. Campaigns with familiar and recognizable touch points can resonate with people, especially when they are being bombarded by other advertisements. Seeing repeated letters from your law firm can strike trust and brand recognization simply from seeing your name alone.

Social Media is Becoming Even More Important for Attorneys This Year

Social media is an effective way to reach clients who may not know about you yet but could potentially become clients down the road.

If you're interested in marketing on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, try creating an account and posting content related to your practice area or niche area of law. This strategy can help establish trust between you and these individuals before they ever hire you.

You may think social media is unnecessary, but consider this. When a recipient gets a piece of direct mail or an email from your firm, in 2023, they're definitely going to do some online research. If you have a social media presence or digital presence in some way, it will help establish your credibility so they will pick up the phone and call you.

Drive Your Business Forward in the New Year

Set yourself apart from others by using these clever multi-marketing strategies, such as video marketing or social media in combination with direct mail for lawyers, and you will take your firm to the next level in 2023.

Does your marketing need an overhaul? It may be helpful to discuss your current strategy with an expert marketer. Contact Key Dynamics at (888) 855-0402 or provide us with your contact information through our online form, and a member of our team will get in touch with you.


At Key Dynamics, we welcome any feedback, advice, or business consultation our clients may have. Our dedicated team is always available to answer any questions you may have. Drop us a line: or give us a call today at (888) 855-0402.

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