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Our Process - Step 2 - Creative Focus

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

The second step of our direct mail process focuses on all the creative details that matter. We know the style and content techniques that will get the attention of your prospective clients, and we take care of them for you.

The beginning of our targeted advertising for attorneys began with Priority Selection, which focuses on our data sources and the exclusivity to our clients. Our data team works to gather, validate, and complete the records to provide industry-leading accuracy and deliverability.

Next, we turn our attention to the creative process and making an exceptional first impression on your potential clients. Key Dynamics has been refining the direct mail process for attorneys for over a decade. We stay current on attorney marketing, and how clients will perceive your brand. Here, all the little details matter.

Key Dynamics is always looking to increase your envelope open rate, and we continue to grow by following multiple guidelines. Not only do we rely heavily on our data methods, but we focus on representing our clients in the most appealing light. We do this by elevating the quality of direct mail.

First Impression to Clients

Our targeted direct mail advertising is usually the first introduction you have with your clients. The letter arrives in their mailbox when they need your services, so the quality of the piece matters greatly. They might be receiving additional mailers, but we make sure your letter stands out.

Our competitors will cut corners and use cheap paper, windowed envelopes, and prepaid postage. All of these qualities lower the open rate for your direct mail piece.

Key Dynamics produces exceptional mailers with crisp detail involving:

  • Rich Colors on Heavy-Weight Paper - We start with bright, platinum white, heavyweight paper, which allows for vivid colors and sharper contrast. Our paper is 40% heavier than average correspondence, which makes it feel noticeably more substantial and upscale in prospective clients’ hands. Your firm’s commitment to quality is apparent from the first touch.

  • Premium Envelopes - Mailing is a much easier process if you use windowed envelopes so that you do not have to match one letter to one particular envelope each time. That is why others often cut this corner. But we take the time to use a non-windowed #10 envelope with the prospective client’s name and address printed on it.

  • Real Stamp for Each Letter - Let’s be honest: prepaid, metered postage screams "mass-produced," which immediately decreases the recipient’s interest in it. So we do not use metered postage on any of our mailings. Instead, we place a real stamp on each mail piece to signify yet again that it is professional correspondence that was prepared with care.

  • Production-Level Digital Presses - We use the latest technology in digital presses to create each mailer in vibrant, full color with sharp text and crisp photos and graphics. The strength of your message depends in part upon the clarity of the presentation, so we make sure you come across crystal clear.

  • First-Class Mail - Every letter is sent via first-class mail through the USPS, which takes priority over the bulk rate mailings sometimes used by others. Because of our extensive data operations, this mailing often occurs on the same day the public record was filed, which means each piece will typically be delivered within 2-3 days of the filing.

These details all make a big difference, especially when recipients are comparing you to your competitors who have also reached out. With each sign of quality that your mailer demonstrates, the better the impression you give the recipient, and the better your results are likely to be.

Check out the difference between our direct mail piece and an example of our competitors:

Typical Competitors - Windowed envelope, metered postage, low quality black and white printing.
Key Dynamics Direct Mail - Premium envelope, printed address, a real stamp, high res color print.

Custom Letter Templates

For each campaign, we work with you to develop personalized letter and envelope templates that best suit your firm and message. There is no copy and paste for our clients. In this creative process, we bring over a decade of experience and knowledge of what works best, based on your industry and focus. We take into account who you are looking to gain as clients and offer the best ways to connect to them.

We do the research to understand your brand and how you represent and position yourself in your respective market. We complete a review of your marketing materials, and we create comprehensive mailer designs to complement them. Your potential clients will not know that a third-party marketing company is sending letters on your behalf.

Our Difference

We understand our competitors use cheaper methods to keep costs as low as possible. Over the years, we discovered that representing attorneys with more exceptional mailers leads to better results. Lower costs do not equate to a better ROI.

For example, a potential client of yours may receive multiple marketing pieces from other attorneys. If this is the case, they are going to compare them against each other. If your information is not presented on a high-quality mailer, then the chances of them disregarding it are much higher. This is another reason we will not work with your competitors. Even in competitive areas, we want recipients to receive one clear winner that they should call.

Our partnerships are important to us, and the exclusivity of our direct mail campaigns leads our clients to some of the highest ROI in the industry. We do not flood areas with similarly-produced mailers for others because we want your mailer to stand out and connect you with the clients you want.

Ethical and State by State Laws

Key Dynamics stays up to date on the laws and rules of conduct that are related to attorneys and direct mail. We send mail for attorneys all across the country, and many states have their own particular laws and ethics rules that are specific to direct mail marketing. We confirm that your firm will be in compliance and abide by these laws and rules.

We know our partners do not have extra time to spend staying up-to-date on this, and we want them to focus on their day-to-day cases.

Client Review

Once our team discovers your main goal of the direct mail campaign and we understand your brand, we will present our first draft template to you. We will collaborate with you on as many revisions as you would like, at no additional charge, until the design is ready to mail.

We follow-up each month with reports and a review of how your campaign is doing. We are always available to make changes when needed. Our commitment to your success does not stop when mailing begins.

Envelope Open Rate

We focus heavily on crafting the highest quality direct mail advertising for our clients to capture the attention of their prospective clients. The more targeted and focused each piece leads to a greater envelope open rate for our clients.

Our main goal is to create a consistent stream of leads for our clients. It's simple, a higher envelope open rate equates to more calls from prospective clients. That's why we go through an in-depth creative process and utilize only high-quality materials. It brings a higher open rate and more prospective clients.


Key Dynamics is familiar and focused on representing attorneys with the highest regard. Our client's reputation is the reason we do not offer low-tier mailing options. We have tested our results, and we continue to monitor how to achieve the best marketing outcomes for attorneys.

We focus on optimizing the amount of ROI our clients receive from their direct mail campaigns and provide them with this information monthly.


Learn More about Key Dynamics’ Data-Driven Legal Direct Mail Campaigns

Our proven campaigns provide superior response rates and ROI for attorneys. Interested to learn how Key Dynamics can cost-efficiently grow your business?

We primarily work with law firms across all industries to deliver reliable, consistent results. Our services are flexible and proactive. Our pragmatic approach and marketing expertise have proven popular with our clients. No matter how small or large your business needs are, know that the team at Key Dynamics provide the same attention to detail in every campaign.

Through our data-driven approaches we aim to deliver a higher than average response rate. Our results speak for themselves.

Creative Focus is the second step in our 3-Step Process.

When combined with effective digital marketing tactics that promote your law firm’s brand and services, a high-quality direct mail campaign is even more likely to reach your best prospects.

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