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Our Process - Step 3 - Calls From Prospective Clients

The final step of our direct mail process for attorneys focuses on the results that our clients see after the campaign begins. Each step is more important than the last, and we strive to provide quick, cost-effective results. Whereas most kinds of marketing take a lot of time and money invested before you start seeing results, our campaigns instead work more like a faucet – instant on.

The beginning of our targeted advertising for attorneys starts with Priority Selection, which focuses on our data sources and the exclusivity to our clients. Then, we focus on the Creative Process and making an exceptional first impression on your potential clients. We stay current on attorney marketing, and how prospects will perceive your brand.

Key Dynamics has been refining the direct mail process for attorneys for over a decade. We know our campaigns work efficiently and represent your firm in a professional manner. From our first connection to the first direct mail piece sent, it takes as little as a week until you start receiving calls from prospective clients.

Instant Connections

Once your campaign begins, client calls can start within as little as a week. This is the quickest way to start outreach directly to your prospective clients. Each letter provides the information to reach you at any time of the day. Our campaigns provide our clients with calls not clicks. The opportunity to talk with your prospective clients is the best way to earn their business.

The usual prospective client will click through multiple attorneys until something sparks their interest to reach out. With our campaigns, these prospects are calling you almost immediately, and have learned about your interest in their case. These individuals gain all the information they need to from your letter, and are quickly trusting of your services.

We have designed our campaigns to provide you with the quickest and most effective outreach, a phone call, and not a click on your website. Our campaigns provide attorneys with direct outreach from their prospects, and all they need to do is sell them their pitch. This opportunity to talk directly with prospects is very unique to other marketing techniques, and the main reason for our high call response rates.

Standing Out With Traditional Techniques

Direct mail marketing campaigns provide a different feel to prospective clients. On average, people will spend more time reading a piece of mail than searching your website. They typically will hold on to that letter for days or weeks. This provides the opportunity for people to reread your information, and that's where the trust begins.

When presented with many opportunities online, the chance to stand out becomes more and more difficult. Everyone is online, and everyone is trying to stand out. This allows for a revamp of traditional marketing techniques to provide a strong return rate. We’ve been utilizing this technique for over a decade and our client’s response rates have only increased. We’ve perfected the craft of grabbing a prospective client’s attention and getting their business to you.

During the coronavirus pandemic, reaching clients at home, where they spend the majority of their time, is proving to be more effective than ever. Our client’s response rates have increased across the nation, and some of our clients are seeing as much as a 65% increase in calls compared to the months before CV-19. Read more about how Attorney Mail Campaigns During CV-19 are being affected.

PPC, SEO, Web Design, Billboards and Benches

We will say that all marketing can bring great opportunities and forming an omni-channel approach to your strategy is key. We know this from our own experience, but when you’re looking for one of the most consistent and highest returns then direct mail is it for attorneys. Our direct mail campaigns bring a fast and efficient return on investment.

Other marketing efforts, like PPC, require large expenditures and long waits before producing results. These other marketing efforts provide tougher tracking methods, and even after all your time and effort, reports say that 70-80% of users are ignoring sponsored search results.

According to the Association of Nation Advertisers Response Rate Report, direct mail is 9X more effective than all digital channels. That includes digital channels like email, social media, paid search, and online display advertisements and accounts for all industries. When a company is monitoring their budget closely, it is important to note that our direct mail campaigns provide the calls from prospective clients, not clicks on your website or advertisement.

Call Rates

Every direct mail campaign is unique with respect to the local geography, targeted case types, and level of competition. For this reason, it’s difficult to predict an exact response rate, but our clients receive on average a 5% response rate for their mail campaign. By direct mail standards, this rate is exceptionally high and typically yields a significant return on investment for those we work with.

We hold our results to the highest standards, and that’s why if there is ever any return mail over 10% we issue a refund. We are confident in our ability to reach the right people, and we know that each direct mail piece sent, could be a client for you.

24/7 Coverage

All of our campaigns are curated to how our clients want to be reached. Each letter uses a unique phone number that is directed where you want clients to reach you. That can be to you, your office, or if you’re unavailable it will be sent to our designated call center. We know not all calls can be answered so, we have a 24/7 call center that will take all the callers details for your firm and you receive them via email immediately.

We have found that a 24/7 service is critical in helping our clients connect with their prospects. When a prospect calls but does not connect with a law firm, then the percentage of them reaching out again dramatically decreases. If clients are not receiving the growth from their campaign, this is typically where it will create more opportunities for them. Our team always urges clients to answer their phones as often as they can.

Measuring Your Marketing ROI

At Key Dynamics, we find it extremely important to keep our clients updated on how their campaigns are performing for them. So, monthly we provide a report that shows complete transparency of our stats, including how many letters are sent and your call response rate. We are more than willing to send over the list of clients we mailed to that previous week, and know that providing our clients with this list can lead to great follow-up opportunities.

You can refer back to our blog about Priority Selection to read more stats, but some of our partners have had an average of over 90% of their clients come directly from our direct mail advertising. A targeted direct mail advertising campaign has become a strong long-term business strategy for our partners.


Key Dynamics is familiar and focused on representing attorneys with the highest regard. Our client's reputation is the reason we do not offer low-tier mailing options. We have tested our results, and we continue to monitor how to achieve the best marketing outcomes for attorneys.

We focus on optimizing the amount of ROI our clients receive from their direct mail campaigns and provide them with this information monthly.


Learn More about Key Dynamics’ Data-Driven Legal Direct Mail Campaigns

Our proven campaigns provide superior response rates and ROI for attorneys. Interested to learn how Key Dynamics can cost-efficiently grow your business?

We primarily work with law firms across all industries to deliver reliable, consistent results. Our services are flexible and proactive. Our pragmatic approach and marketing expertise have proven popular with our clients. No matter how small or large your business needs are, know that the team at Key Dynamics provide the same attention to detail in every campaign.

Through our data-driven approaches we aim to deliver a higher than average response rate. Our results speak for themselves.

Calls from prospective clients is the final step in our 3-Step Process.

When combined with effective digital marketing tactics that promote your law firm’s brand and services, a high-quality direct mail campaign is even more likely to reach your best prospects.

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