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Attorney Mail Campaigns During CV-19: Effective and Dependable

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Covid-19 has caused many ups and downs in markets across the board and across the nation. Law firms, in particular, have been impacted by court closures and case delays. Despite the unknowns right now, we have several encouraging updates to share.


Overall, our clients are earning higher than pre-COVID response rates on their campaigns. Despite the quick decline in cases earlier this year, on average our clients have received an increase in calls from prospects.

Response rates are up across the nation, and some of our clients are seeing as much as a 65% increase in calls compared to the months before CV-19!

With the majority of people working from home, we anticipate this trend to continue. Although there might be fewer cases, the response increase has helped our clients make-up the difference between what they earned pre-COVID and now.

This is great news for our clients who rely on us for their daily leads! We are happy to provide them with valuable opportunities when everyone needs it most.


With court shutdowns and delays earlier this year, there was a sizable decrease in data that was available to fuel campaigns for our clients. Following the reopening, the volume of court records has increased dramatically every week. This is a trend we expect to continue despite the potential for future disruptions.

Now that the courts are working through the situation, we have more insight on what to expect moving forward. Many courts have now had time to implement responsible adaptations like social distancing in the courtrooms, emptying galleries, offering telepresence options and other strategies. With these policy changes in place, we expect that cases will continue to circulate even as further public health directives are issued.

To follow and learn more about your local court orders or if you have questions about how this may affect your law practice, reach out to us for more information.


COVID-19 creates a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with customers beyond products and services. Businesses that respond to this opportunity in their marketing strategies will reap the rewards and form lasting relationships. Reaching those clients at home, where they spend the majority of their time, is proving to be more effective than ever.

Are you doing everything you can to connect with your prospective clients?

Direct mail remains one of the most effective ways to stay in touch. Let us know if we can help create additional unique opportunities to connect with your clients during this time.

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