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Nurture Leads by Adding Postcards to Your Direct Mail Campaign

Quality direct mail pieces printed in full-color on crisp, heavyweight paper stand out in a mailbox cluttered with other advertisements and bills. Key Dynamics has used this strategy in our marketing campaigns over the past 10 years—focusing on the quality, size, and shape of our mailers so that our letters can stand out from the rest.

Direct mail doesn't have to always take the form of a polished, white #10 Business Envelope, however. If your business needs a stronger call to action—one that can’t be fully achieved by a standard business letter mailer—then we have an exciting new option to offer: multi-tiered campaigns featuring postcards!

Our postcards are graphically stunning and easily stand out in a stack of mail. They’re sturdy, colorful, and glossy pieces that place your message directly within sight.

At Key Dynamics, we design postcards for you that include a mix of on-brand imagery that professionally represents your business and resonates with your targeted audience at the right time. People are more likely to acknowledge a mailer that they can relate to, so we design postcards with a mix of clever visuals and copy that they can respond to.

Postcard marketing can bring an immediate increase in brand awareness. We've done our research and tested our process. Our direct mail campaigns typically begin with a letter from your company with more details about your services. Then we create a follow-up with a strategically-timed postcard to further nurture response rates.

How Postcards Can Improve Your Total Response Rate

Perhaps you’re a business owner who is already reaping the benefits of a well-run direct mail campaign—you have solid advertising material that is mailed first-class and reaches the right individual within 1-3 business days. Your direct mail vendor operates production and delivers mail five days a week.

(And if you don’t already have a campaign this efficient, learn more about the industries we serve).

But even if your current campaign is working well, in highly competitive markets especially, a postcard follow-up can provide a unique competitive advantage. The key objective of a successful direct mail campaign is to increase your call rate, and supplementing your current marketing campaign with postcards can help achieve that goal.

Three Benefits to Postcard Marketing

  1. Quick yet Efficient: In a fast-paced world, having a visual graphic that is short but can deliver the message at a glance, is a great addition to any campaign. Your company is in front of the recipient the moment they retrieve your postcard from their mailbox. With a timely remarketing campaign, that recipient is primed to remember the letter they received from you previously.

  2. Affordability: Starting at only $1 per piece, a heavyweight, glossy double-sided postcard will be sent on your behalf. First-class postage and delivery included. No additional data and address verification costs are needed. Our team will work with you to create attractive, highly-customized designs that align with your brand and business.

  3. Targeted Audience: Our data team and an account manager will provide a free consultation with your business to help determine your target audience and whether or not adding postcards to your overall campaign can work the best for your overall marketing strategy.

How Postcards can Further Build your Brand and Business

Adding postcards to your campaign creates multiple opportunities for prospective clients to become familiar with your company:

  • It generates more trust in an unfamiliar industry. When a prospective client is searching for representation, and they recognize your company’s name, the likelihood of hiring you amongst your competitors is likely to increase.

  • Remarketing your brand strategically with postcards will instill recognition and familiarity with prospective clients. After the initial letter is delivered, the recipient should have ideally recognized your name and logo from a previous letter by the time a postcard arrives. We time these delivery times strategically so by the time the recipient receives your postcard, their familiarity with your business and your persistence in helping them starts to positively resonate.

We recommend to our clients that they should increase their touchpoints with these mailer recipients over the course of a week. We’ve found that when a prospective client is making buying decisions, they will explore their options and do research. We know in the digital age, everything is at our fingertips, and reaching out to them in a more personal way like direct mail, always benefits.

The continued effort also indicates your dedication to their needs. You are given multiple opportunities to inform them why they should hire you.

Creating your Postcard Campaign

At Key Dynamics, our team will create your initial postcard template and work with you to comply with your brand guidelines and strategy. We customize them to fit your company, and we offer our advice and expertise to help you attract the demographic best suited to your business.

We take the same creative approach as our letter campaign marketing. Our focus on all the creative details matter. We understand the style and content techniques that will get the attention from your prospective clients, and we take care of them for you.

Here are a few examples:

Growing brand awareness with your prospective clients is the quickest way to gain new clients, and a multi-tiered campaign can help with just that. With our data first mindset, you are reaching new prospects with each campaign sent, and you are targeting them immediately at a critical time. Adding postcards to your direct mail campaign can bring a quick yet efficient, affordable, and targeted touchpoint with your prospective clients.

Want to see what we offer our clients? Request our samples.

Reach out to us for more details about how we can increase your connections to prospects and help grow your company.

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