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Creating a Successful Marketing Plan for 2022

The unpredictability of the last two years has everyone focused on what they can accomplish in 2022. So, we've compiled a guide to help you formulate a successful marketing plan for 2022.

When creating your marketing plan, remember to think long-term. There's no rush to get everything in place right away. You can work on each step at your own pace and develop strategies one step at a time. It's important to take an active role throughout the year and make sure you are accomplishing all of the steps in your strategy, otherwise you'll fall behind and have a harder time trying to catch up.

Whether you're looking to grow an existing business or start a new one, our guide will show you how to create an effective marketing plan to accomplish your desired goals in the year ahead. You'll learn how to set your target market, build your brand, and successfully introduce your product or service in order to secure future success for when 2022 finally arrives.

Here are five steps to follow when creating your 2022 marketing strategy:

1. Review Your 2021 Plan

How did your company do with your current marketing plan? What worked and didn't work? Take a look back to see if you can use your previous successes to make improvements. This is where understanding your business's goals is crucial. Knowing your company goals will help develop your marketing efforts and keep them on track. Businesses that keep their goals in mind as they create their 2022 marketing plan will have a better chance of success.

2. Define or Redefine Your Audience

Your marketing efforts should revolve around your audience and their preferences. If you're ignoring their tendencies and forming a view that is trendy or based on guessing, then you might not be as successful.

This step also includes understanding how to reach potential customers. The correct data makes all the difference. One way to gain this understanding is to have discussions with your current customers. Listen to what they are saying and use this data to determine how you can reach a wider audience. Your marketing efforts should be based on the data you gather as well as your goals and objectives.

3. Create Your Budget

Creating a budget will help you get the most out of the marketing dollars you have. Knowing how much to spend is important, but setting a realistic budget is vital. Companies may find themselves struggling to reach their potential audience if they can't meet their goals without breaking their budget. Creating your budget is also crucial in terms of creating revenue and hitting your goals. Knowing how to use your marketing dollars will help you stay within your limits while reaching as many people as possible.

4. Choose Your Outlets

Here is where you establish what outlets digitally and otherwise work best for the service or product you're selling. Let's establish that not everyone needs to be on TikTok. If it's not right for your audience, product or service, then don't waste your time. Choosing your channels will also help you determine where you can do research on your audience and learn. You'll have an opportunity to ask them questions, their likes and dislikes, their needs, etc.

One outlet that our team focuses on is direct mail marketing. We have noticed that throughout the last two years, people are more likely to respond to campaigns that are more personal and intentional. Our client’s are not receiving a generic list of contacts, but we are able to narrow down the data to fit their needs specifically. You can read more about how our 2021 case study results showed our campaigns providing high-value calls for under $24 per call, making it one of the most effective return-on-investments for clients using targeted data solutions with direct mail.

Our campaigns include 24/7 data analytics, monitoring tools, and phone and email integration. These comprehensive automated services get your custom direct mail campaign up and running seamlessly so you, as a business owner, can spend more time where it matters most—nurturing client relationships, expanding business ventures, and building revenue.

5. Set Future Goals and KPIs

Your KPIs should be important to you and your audience. This is where your goals and objectives come into play. Your KPIs should also be aligned with your company's goals. This makes it easier to stay on track, and you'll also know if something isn't working as intended or if everything is moving along as planned.

Tracking your results should then predict how you move forward and adjust throughout the year. Marketing efforts are consistently developing and changing to better fit their audience, and making changes to your plan should be expected. Have check-ins with your team to stay on track and make necessary adjustments as you go.


Are you ready to take your direct mail marketing to the next level? Reach out and receive a sample of our campaigns, along with an estimated prospect database that your company could expect to reach on a monthly basis. On average, our direct mail campaigns bring a 3-5% call return rate.

At Key Dynamics, we welcome any feedback, advice, or business consultation our clients may have. Our dedicated team is always available to answer any questions you may have. Drop us a line: or give us a call today at (888) 855-0402.

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