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2021 Direct Mail Campaign Results

With 2020 being a tough year for many industries, we wanted to check in and reflect on how our campaigns are performing for our clients. We selected a group of our clients from all across the country, with a focus on our attorney and law firm clients, and analyzed the numbers.

The results showed our campaigns providing high-value calls for under $24 per call, making it one of the most effective return-on-investment for clients using targeted data solutions with direct mail.

In a tech-propelled world where small businesses are often looking to capitalize on modern marketing trends through digital marketing channels like browser push-notifications, pay-per-click, targeted social media campaigns, and other keyword-driven advertising programs, marketers often overlook a tried-and-proven marketing strategy—direct mail.

Key Dynamic has carved a niche for itself in the world of direct mail marketing for small businesses. Their clients have thrived in an age of digital innovation using direct marketing and have achieved accelerated business growth and an edge over their competition, even in highly competitive markets.

Comparing the Results

A recent analysis of the marketing results from small businesses showed that law firms, in particular, have achieved very effective results from their campaigns. So far in 2021, attorney clients spent an average of $23.39 for each call from mail recipients who needed legal services. Some clients spent as little as $5.57 per call.

According to Consumer Reports, the median revenue a private attorney stands to make from a criminal case is $1,500. When a call from a targeted direct mail piece turns into an acquired client, that $24 cost-per-call represents only a 1.6% marketing overhead in that case.

Direct mail campaigns have been given modern tools. Access to public digital records. Interconnected business communication platforms. Software developers and data scientists who can work remotely anywhere around the world to engineer streamlined solutions applicable to any trigger-based direct mail campaign managed by Key Dynamics.

For businesses who have adopted a more omnichannel marketing approach, it’s not uncommon to hear more than half of their new clients are because they received one of our mailers—and in some cases that client acquisition rate over their entire business operations is as high as 90%.

According to the Data and Marketing Association (DMA), 42.2% of direct mail recipients either read or scan the mail they get, and up to 90% of direct mail gets opened, compared to other forms of digital and email marketing.

March of 2020 saw a shakeup in marketing initiatives and business sales. As the economy continues to recover from pandemic lockdowns—which hit small businesses especially hard—small businesses, in particular, are reimagining consumer behavior.

In 2021, Key Dynamics saw more direct mail recipients converting into callers for their clients. More people are relying on postal deliveries and working at home these days—making direct mail more immediate and effective than it’s ever been. In January 2021, Key Dynamics tracked a 10% average response rate for their clients, with some direct mail campaigns reaching a conversion rate of nearly 35%.

What the Numbers Represent

Rather than impressions and click-through rates common to digital channels, these results were all actual phone calls to the attorneys’ offices from interested parties, giving the attorneys the best opportunity to actively sell their services and sign new clients.

Key Dynamics tracks the number of callers in comparison to the number of letters sent to gain a good representation of how our campaigns are working. We understand these calls are important and not everyone can get to the phone on time, so our services include a 24/7 call center that enables our clients to be available to all potential clients.

Our analysis demonstrates that direct mail is one of the most precise forms of advertising and messaging—making it one of the most effective marketing strategies available and making its ROI among the highest in modern marketing.


Want to learn more about our targeted direct mail campaigns? Give us a call today at (888) 855-0402. At Key Dynamics, we welcome any feedback, advice, or business consultation our clients may have. Our dedicated team is always available to answer any questions you may have. Drop us a line:

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