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Liven Up Your Marketing Strategy with a Personalized Campaign in 2022

When developing a new marketing campaign, there are numerous ways to increase your open and response rates. One of the most effective ways is by personalizing your marketing campaign. People are receptive to personalized advertisements, whether digital ads or targeted mail campaigns. Personalizing campaigns help drive customers to move forward with a purchasing decision, which increases the marketing ROI for a small business. When someone sees offers and messages targeted specifically to them, they are more likely to respond.

We are going to look into how you can personalize your outreach, the benefits it pulls, and demonstrate how our company utilizes this tactic for our clients.

3 Ways to Personalize a Campaign:

Depending on your marketing strategy and what outlet your company is using throughout the campaign, there are numerous options to make your outreach feel more personal and connected to your prospects. It's not just about including the client's name anymore, but how your product will benefit them specifically.

  1. Narrowing and understanding your audience is key to increasing the ROI of your marketing outreach. Purchasing large lists from companies without going through the correct steps can lead to wasted marketing dollars spent and increased frustration regarding your brand. Refining your data and your audience is key for quality results.

  2. Offer up more information that will allow true personalization to occur. Including personalized data and merging information about a prospective customer into your targeted marketing messages can allow for a certain level of trust to be established.

  3. Using real-time information. When it comes to targeted marketing campaigns, a “trigger” can generate an advertisement for the right person. Individualizing marketing efforts based on a trigger-based event can allow for recipients to better engage in your business in a way that ensures communication is more likely to be returned.

These days, consumers are accustomed to a certain level of personalization in many aspects of their lives. Through streaming platforms to a news feed populated with content relevant to a person’s interests, understanding exactly what customers want (and when they want it) has become table stakes for businesses, and this expectation extends to the marketing efforts used to attract those customers in the first place.

Benefits for personalizing a campaign:

There are many benefits to personalizing a marketing campaign. One of the most prominent benefits is that it increases the number of responses and conversions to your marketing campaign. Personalization also has the positive side effect of making your lead feel more connected to your brand, which will improve their outlook on the product.

Combining modern and traditional techniques such as PURL landing pages can also increase the way clients are able to connect with your company. This level of personalization allows for those prospects who are less likely to call you directly, still reach you through online forms.

Developing personalized marketing collateral goes a long way toward making a prospective client feel important. By tailoring content exclusively for that individual, you can engage with them on a deeper level of commitment.

How Our Team Personalize Campaigns:

When creating a campaign for a client, we utilize a number of different tools to help streamline this process. This is where our data team provides incredible information to narrow your targeted prospect and why they are in need of your product or service.

Here are some ways of how we use these tools to create personal outreach for our clients:

  • We use your prospects' name and their correct address using our address verification system. Sending direct mail to a home without personalizing will drastically reduce the open rate and chances of getting the sale. Also, if you are mailing a piece to the incorrect house, you're wasting marketing dollars.

  • Personalized landing pages (PURL) are the next way we optimize our client's campaigns. This includes additional details related to the prospect. Your PURLs can incorporate the recipient name, business, or other data to make them more enticing. It provides an additional way to connect and provides another touchpoint. This enhances the level of understanding demonstrated to potential clients.

  • Almost every smartphone has a QR code reader. So, we include putting a QR code in our client’s direct mail campaigns to help drive mobile-oriented consumers to your website or app to respond to your offer. These codes are easy to personalize and even easier to track.

These ways of personalization do not only benefit the customer but when the customer visits the website, that (and other) data is recorded so that you can more effectively track how your campaign was received and engaged with. Tracking your ROI and KPIs keeps your campaigns more effective and client-focused.


Are you ready to take your law firm to the next level? Reach out and receive a sample of our campaigns, along with an estimated prospect database that your company could expect to reach on a monthly basis. On average, our direct mail campaigns bring a 3-5% call return rate.

At Key Dynamics, we welcome any feedback, advice, or business consultation our clients may have. Our dedicated team is always available to answer any questions you may have. Drop us a line: or give us a call today at (888) 855-0402.

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