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Introducing Our New Mailing Service: Bankruptcy Notices

Sending notices accurately and on-time is paramount when it comes to representing debtors in bankruptcy cases.

In order to help our attorney clients fulfill these legal requirements, we have developed a new service that enables Key Dynamics to operate as a third-party bankruptcy notice provider, ensuring swift and easy compliance without having to spend time on the tedious mail fulfillment process.

Our automated service collects the most up-to-date mailing matrix from the court, and then we print, assemble, and mail the documents for you. Upon completion, we provide a certificate of service for filing with the court. We assist debtor attorneys, creditor attorneys, panel trustees, and chapter 13 trustees with the required notice and service requirements under Fed. Rule Bankr. Proc. 7004.

With a full-service production facility and proprietary model for legal mailings, we handle every aspect of the mailing process and ensure your law practice remains compliant, so that you can focus on helping your clients overcome their financial burdens and eliminate their debts.

Our client dashboard enables you to log in, upload your documents, and then let us take care of all of the work of sending bankruptcy notices and providing certification of service.

How Our Process Works and What You Can Expect

  1. Draft your plans, amendments, motion to incur credit, NFR's, objections to claims, and any other legal pleading that can be served via certified or first class USPS mail. Our platform provides a simple checklist of information that is filled out by our clients. After your first time working with us, this information can be auto-populated to work more efficiently.

  2. Upload your documents to our portal. You can do this 24/7 and whenever is convenient for you. This feature provides flexibility when you need it most. After your documents are uploaded, we mail the forms within 24 hours to ensure a quick delivery.

  3. Download the completed certificate and file it with the courts. After the documents have been mailed, we email you a PDF of the certificate of service for you to file. It's that simple!

Why You Should Work With a Bankruptcy Notice Provider

We Save You Time and Money

After working with attorneys and law firms for over a decade, we’re keenly aware of the importance of your time. Our service allows you to save time and focus on more important billable tasks. There is no need to invest in printing or mailing equipment.

Our production facility is set up to fill these needs for our clients, to operate efficiently and quickly while keeping your costs low.

Our simple cost structure is transparent and you'll know how much you're spending on each mailing and case. We send weekly invoices so that you can track spending. Maintain control of your expenses and more importantly, save money on labor.

We Perform Multiple Inspections to Confirm Accuracy

Our system downloads the Master Mailing Matrix directly from the court's ECF system. You can also provide a mailing list of your own, or combine the court mailing list with your own addresses.

Our team performs multiple inspections to confirm your documents match the intended debtor and case information. We know that reaching the correct parties is crucial to your filing, and mistakes can have considerable ramifications.

Failure to accurately service your bankruptcy notices can result in additional costs through re-service or delayed hearings. It can even result in the loss of a critical motion or dismissal of a case. So, we employ automated and manual error checking to make sure your notices are assembled correctly every time. We have you covered.

Same-day Service

We send all mail first class, and in some cases, certified mail, to comply with the bankruptcy code. If you upload your documents before 12pm ET, your notices will be processed same-day. And if you are running late, a rush service is available until 4pm ET to still allow same-day processing.

Rather than having your staff rush to prepare and send out stacks of mail in a timely fashion, we can easily take care of those details so that you can regain billable hours and focus on more important legal matters for your clients.

To read more about the service or for how to sign up, check out our Bankruptcy Notice Mailing page, or feel free to contact us directly.

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