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Attorney and Law Firm Marketing

For practice areas including criminal defense, bankruptcy and family law, direct mail remains one of the most effective ways that law firms can bring in new business. 

Our campaigns are flexible, easily measurable, individualized, and cost-effective. We help you determine the focus of your direct mail campaign and then design eye-catching personalized letters for your outreach. The letters will carry your firm's message to prospective clients in an appealing, professional and tangible form that can help your firm stand out.

Mail gets attention. Although websites and digital marketing have become prevalent in the legal community, our direct mail campaigns continue to deliver excellent results and return on investment for attorneys. It is easy to understand why: most people look through their mail every day, and an attractive mail piece in their hand is much harder to ignore than text on a screen.

We reach your prospective clients. By focusing on the data and targeting the campaign, we ensure that your marketing dollars are being used to reach people that actually need your services in this moment. When done correctly, direct mail is a marketing tactic that nets almost immediate benefits, and it requires very little up-front setup time or expense to get started. Most firms begin receiving phone calls the first week their letters begin mailing.

Types of Law Firms We Help

Criminal Defense Law Firms

From DUI cases to traffic, drug and sex crime cases, our data-driven solutions will help you reach the right people as soon as they need you. We mail for criminal cases in jurisdictions across the country every day.

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Solo Practitioners

As a solo practitioner, you take on many roles. You’re more than just a practicing attorney. You’re a business owner – and running a profitable business is no small feat. Neither is attracting the number of new cases that your practice requires to be profitable.

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Traffic Defense Law Firms

A traffic offense or speeding ticket can be more detrimental than the cost of the ticket. People will fight to prevent points on their license and increased insurance costs, making targeted traffic defense campaigns effective. 

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Bankruptcy Law Firms

From bankruptcy, foreclosure, wage garnishment cases, and other civil litigation matters, we help provide bankruptcy lawyers with the right leads at the right time. Want to target certain debt ranges or plaintiffs? Not a problem. 

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Family Law Firms

In family law, you may need to reach individuals facing many different issues that involve their family, including child support, custody issues, divorce, wrongful accusations, and modification of court orders. 

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And More!

Don't see your practice listed? Key Dynamics works with law firms across all across the United States. Every campaign is highly-targeted to help attorneys get the cases they want. We can not list every case lead we help get our clients, but chances are we can help you with your unique needs.

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Direct Mail Services

Perfect For Your Firm

Not all direct mail is created equal. 

At Key Dynamics, we have developed sole-proprietary technology and processes that go far beyond what a firm can do in-house. With a full-service production facility and proprietary model for legal case direct mail that has been refined over many years, we can handle every aspect of the mailing process so that you can focus on serving your existing clients and closing new business.

While working with attorneys and law firms for over a decade, we have refined every step of the legal direct mail process. From the premium heavy-weight material used to the address verification process, to the quality control checks and assistance with state bars compliance, every detail of your campaign is carefully thought-out in order to achieve maximum success.

Need a reference?
Take it from another attorney:

Personal Desk

My law firm has used Key Dynamics for years. They have been instrumental in helping me grow my criminal defense/DUI and traffic practice areas. I highly recommend them to any attorney who is looking to expand their client base.

 Benjamin Luftman

    Luftman, Heck & Associates LLP

Mail Marketing Campaigns to Help You Find Your Future Clients


Key Dynamics has developed an incredibly efficient mailing process that often allows us to get your letters in the mail the same day an arrest or case record first becomes available. In fact, in some instances, our letters are the first notice someone receives that they are in need of legal services. This expediency is one of the keys to the success of our campaigns.

24/7 Call Answering Service

People in need of legal help expect an immediate answer, or they’ll move on to the next option. When your potential clients call, Key Dynamics guarantees someone is there to answer. Your campaign includes a built-in a 24-hour answering service at no additional cost. If you are unavailable, we accept the call and get relevant information and forward you an email instantly so that you can follow up with the lead once you are available.

Address Verification

Finding the right address for outreach can be a very challenging task by itself, and we have improved upon this process for over a decade. Key Dynamics has a dedicated staff of data administrators and developers that oversee our data and address verification processes. Our team goes to great lengths to ensure accuracy and minimize the rate of returns.

High Quality Materials

We prepare your mail using only premium materials. Unlike competitors, we do not cut corners. Each letter we send is prepared with crisp, high-resolution printing on the whitest heavy-weight paper. We even place a real stamp on each piece, Clients enjoy this premiere presentation of their campaigns, and their callers often mention that they chose to call because the mail piece was the best they received. Our dedication to quality reflects well on your firm and your own attention to detail.

A Marketing Investment

that Earns a High ROI

We will track and deliver results. ​

Every direct mail campaign is unique with respect to the local geography, targeted cases, and level of competition. For this reason, it is difficult to predict an exact response rate, but, on average, our clients receive a 5% response from their mail campaign. By direct mail standards, this rate is exceptionally high and typically yields a significant return on investment for the firms we work with. And remember, unlike PPC measuring click rates, these responses are phone calls from the people who need your services, which means you are much closer to gaining a new client.

We are able to keep these response rates high for our clients in large part because of our sole-proprietary data solutions and processes, but another key to this level of success is our exclusive agreements.  At Key Dynamics, we only work with one attorney for each jurisdiction and case type combination. This means that we will never mail a letter to the same defendant on behalf of multiple attorneys.

The Legal Direct Mail Process

Priority Selection

Target the exact case types and jurisdictions that you want. Would you like all criminal and traffic defendants out of specific counties in your state? We can help you achieve this.

Are you a traffic attorney who only wants specific traffic cases? A debtor attorney focusing on warrant in debt lawsuits? A personal injury attorney who only wants non-at-fault accidents that occur in your state? We can do that! 

Depending on your law firm's area of focus, Key Dynamics will execute a targeted direct mail campaign that aligns with your business goals.

custom Template Creation

A successful marketing message and an attractive design are important to a great marketing campaign.


Key Dynamics will handle the design and content creation of your direct mail letter and envelope templates. We have extensive experience creating letter designs that work as an effective direct mail piece. Trust our team to make your mailers stand out from the competition.

If you have a letter that has been successful in the past, feel free to pass that along to us! We can easily adapt it for use in your new campaign.

In-Depth Ethics Review

While most states follow the ABA Model Rules regarding direct mail marketing, there are several jurisdictions that have adopted more rigorous rules through individual state Rules of Professional Conduct.

At Key Dynamics, we make every effort to comply with the ethical requirements of attorney direct mail marketing. Give us a call, and we’d be glad to discuss the requirements of your state as well as direct mail best practices.

It’s that simple. Depending on the complexity of your campaign, we can start within one week of signup and you’ll be receiving calls from defendants in no time.

Convert Leads to Customers

We help attorneys grow and sustain their law practice through our data solutions by delivering a hyper-personalized message to the right client at the right time. Depending on your practice area, you may benefit from an effective follow-up campaign.

Dollar-for-dollar, we’ve seen law firms achieve the greatest ROI in their marketing through one of our targeted direct mail campaigns.

From the material used to the address verification process to our in-built 24/7 answering support service, every direct mail campaign is carefully thought-out in order to achieve maximum success.

Expert Support

When you sign up with Key Dynamics, our clients receive direct access to a dedicated account manager who will help establish workflows that align with your unique business needs. We don’t ask for long term commitments – our service agreements are flexible and scalable. If you would like to learn more about our service, reach out today for a free marketing consultation.

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